Singing and playing instruments from the age of 4 and gaining a grounding in classical music via 10 years of youth orchestras and string ensembles (demonstrated by a precocious rearrangement of Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Sympathy” for the school concert), Laura started playing bass and guitar in bands as a teenager. Having toured the world with Tricky and played Siouxsie’s Meltdown with Viv Albertine (The Slits) alongside writing, arranging and producing five increasingly ambitious indie rock solo albums, she brings a refreshingly melodic sensibility to any project.


00:00-03:58 – Slow Puncture – vocal version

03:59-06:56 – Miles Away – vocal version
Synths arranged by Neil Codling.

06:57-11:04 – Fortify – vocal version

11:05-13:35 – London Bites – vocal version

13:36-18:00 – In Cold Blood – vocal version

18:01-22:12 – 5000 Miles – vocal version
Strings arranged by The McCarricks.

22:13-25:12 – Turning To You – vocal version

25:13-28:59 – Dear Heart – vocal version
Piano arranged by Jay Chakravorty.

29:00-30:26 – Out Of My Hands – vocal version

30:27-34:32 – Then The Quiet Came – vocal version
Piano arranged by Laura Kidd and Jay Chakravorty, cello by Barney Morse-Brown.

34:33-end – Disarm – vocal version